Monday, September 15, 2014

Link's Drink of the Week: The Rusty Seaman

I love the sea: The salty brine stinging my sun blistered lips. The cool pelagic breeze slipping off my impenetrable hair. Oh... Who am I hoodwinking! The sea sucks! It's wet. It's cold. It's swarming with deadly coelenterates. AND, how can one look Dapper™ in deck shoes and a little white hat? Plus, I have an enormous hemangioma in the shape of a cockroach on my scruff, so boat necks are out. So, how can one muster enjoyment from such pain and misery? Why, through the magic of alcohol. That's how!

1 Part Pirates Booty™ White Rum

2 Parts Salty Dog™ Da
rk Rum
10 Cocktail Shrimp-Infused Ice Cubes

1 Tbs. Marshmallow Creme Sauce

Fill a tall highball tumbler (with hula girl graphics on side) with a handful of Shrimp Cubes. Top off with the rums. Drizzle the tbs. of Marshmallow Creme on top. Let cascade down. Garnish with miniature Cap'n Hat straw cozies.

Make these at your next party, and you'll have to fight off the boatload of sailors clamoring for you seaman. Your "Rusty Seaman".

Hey, wait a minute...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I'm Back and More Dapperlicious than Ever!

The time has come, My Dapper Minions, for my triumphant return! 

Here's but a wee teaser of what I have in store for you all. Turn your dial to my "Youtubification" page on your home computation devices for more cinematic wonderments!