Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Alright chumps...Class is officially in session.

Drop that pencil, Slick. Get that finger outta your schnoz, Poindexter. Open them peepers and partake in the effervescent glory that is: The Dapper Gent™. My name is Link Worthington III (esq.): International Bon Vivant, ne’re-do-well, and rapscallion. I’ll be your sherpa of smooth.Your chaperone of cool. Your docent of delicious dames and delectable Dollies. Sit back as I unlock my secret stash of juicy tips, tidbits and unproven pseudoscientific gobbledygook, and teach you the fine art of being... The Dapper Gent™. In the coming weeks I will knock the corn outta your keister with my bountiful harvest of noteworthy knowledge. Tune in for: The Art of SeDUCTion (emphasis on DUCT since DUCT tape is an essential part of this lesson), Tantalizing Tales of Toggery, The Zen of Entertaining (with only a can opener and your imagination), Mixology Moxy, Decorating with Leopard print, and... What’s that on my Johnson?

Firstly, we'll discuss Togs. Threads. Duds. The civvies certainly do make the man, and by that definition, Sir, you are no man.

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